Of Servetus, and appealing to the middle

Two items to pass on from perusing the latest World issue.
1. Abraham Kuyper, on Calvin's dealing with Servetus:
"I not only deplore that... I unconditionally disapprove of it; yet not as it it were the expression of a special characteristic of Calvinism, but on the contrary as the fatal after-effect of a system, grey with age, which Calvinism found in existence, under which it had grown up, and from which it had not yet been able entirely to liberate itself."
2. World columnist Andree Seu, on the parallel challenge to the Church, and to the Republican party (thankfully, not confusing the two!):
"It is the secular mirror image of Christianity's desperate attempts to look relevant to its base. One faction wants to throw all the distinctives overboard in order to save the Church - a strategy of throwing out the faith to save the faith. The other faction wants to put its confidence in God no matter how many parishioners walk across the street to the friendly gay church."

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