Over the river...

We live near lots of water - rivers, bays, ocean, swamps - which means lots of ways to cross these bodies of water. Tunnels, bridges, ferries. This weekend we took a drive out into the country which necessitated crossing the James river.

We crossed by bridge.

5 mile long drawbridge - this is a rare sight; there is hardly any traffic!!

The bridge offers a great view of the Northrup Grummon shipyard. A whole lotta people building some whopping big boats! This photo only shows a small portion of the ship yard.

On our way back we chose a different way to cross the river: car ferry!

It's only a 15 min cruise but exciting for the little ones

What did you expect me to do on a ferry?

We saw plenty of boats on the water, both new and old. Like 400 yrs old. These are the ships at the Jamestowne Settlement, not the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria! (they're the Godspeed, Discovery & Susan Constance)

The sunset over the James was more impressive than any man-made structures in the area.


  1. ...and through the woods to Providence Farm we go! So glad you came!

    Love you all!

  2. Hey - you're giving away my next post! :) We did have fun at your place.