Looking Back in the studio

Looking back on 2009, it's been a productive year in Sara's studio:
lace scarves & shawls 2.5
scarves/cowls 2
hats 4
pairs of mittens/gloves/mitts 6
pairs of socks 5
sweaters/vests 1
baby sweaters 2
dishrags 2
purses 1
lap blankets 1
toy rabbit 1
Total Knit Items: 27.5
(6 of these items were for me - the rest were gifts!)

(this is a bit more sketchy as I haven't kept great records)

girls dress 1
girls nightgown 1
kids pj pants 5
adult skirt 1
doll dresses 2
doll bedding 1
ironing board cover 1
log carring bag 1
finished queen size quilt (10 yrs in the making!) 1
purses 2
baby quilts 1
*and lots of alterations & mending!*

I write this list not to brag, but rather to see trends in my creative output. I was surprised as I dug through photo archives and my journal logs to find projects that I had forgotten about or thought I had done in 2008. This helps me make a list of things I want to knit/sew for 2010. Many items on this list are small: hats, mitts, etc. I'll review and come up with my plan for 2010 in the next few days.

Oh, and I should add that the first six months of the year were spent mostly repairing our water damage and refinishing our dining set! Needless to say, I get a bit paranoid if I hear a drip of water these days.

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