Too much goodness

The goodness is waist-deep around here.

1) it's snowing!! We're all so excited to see this rare treat - and at Christmastime, too! Thanks God! Hubby took the kids outside in their tshirts and shorts to grab a handfull and bring it in the house. He came in with snow on his beard. Y

2) chocolate + cinnamon + coffee = WOW. I whipped up this fudge in 5 min or less. This is pretty much instant gratification.

3) saw the Nutcracker ballet today, first time for my oldest boy. He's too cool to say that he liked it, but he's been doing a lot of funny looking leaps this afternoon.

4) thrifted red & white fair isle knit sweater was turned into a festive pillow cover. I'm falling in love with Scandinavian/Norwegian traditional designs. I will have to try some fair isle knitting in 2010.

5) husband reading aloud "Lord of the Rings" and doing the voice of Gimli the dwarf.

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