Christmas Flurries of Activity

We're still here, really. Many random things occupy our days this Christmas season:

-wondering when it will stop raining so I can get our outdoor decorations up
-making apple dumplings. 3 dozen or more!
-sewing holiday skirts from remaining Reformation day costume fabric
-watching squirrels carry the stuffing from our porch swing up to their nest
-reading Lord of the Rings aloud to the kids (they're hooked)
-kids writing acrostics for CHRISTMAS and coming up with "torpedo" for T (what?)
-5 yr old sounding out "O Come all ye Faithful" on the piano
-the happies from wool and wood knitting needles
-more happies from cello/piano duets played late at night with the husband

When the camera batteries get replaced, I'll share some of this goodness with you!

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