Enmity at the table?

Sermon from Matt 5:38-43 - loving your enemies

Exhortation based on – Isaiah 53:3-6

One thing enemies do is despise each other. And Jesus was despised by men. Ridiculed. Mocked. Put to shame. He was hung on the tree, where enemies of the state were executed. It was at the tree of life in the Garden where earthly enemies first arose against God, taking forbidden food. But because of the cross, He now offers us, His former enemies, the food of life. He sets a table in the presence of His enemies. Enemies would never think of having a dinner together, but God makes it possible. He sets forth on this table the end result of our salvation – fellowship and food from Him. And He sets forth on this table the means of our salvation – faith in Christ’s flesh and blood sacrifice, taking the wrath of God for our sin, paying the redemption price to buy us back into God’s house as sons and daughters, not servants.


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