Smooshy Rainy Day

Rain rain go away...

What do 4 kids and a mama do when trapped indoors by a gloomy day? We spent a couple hours smooshing clay, making wild creations. Geodesic domes. A toothpick-turkey. Tons of lumpy beads. Star Wars space ships. A knitting snow-woman. It felt so good to just sit and create with the kids. One of my biggest frustrations with art class as a kid in school was that you only had 45 min to bang out a project. How can a kid explore the medium, much less create something they're proud of in such a short time?

Smooshing is today's theme - pardon me if this grosses you out, but I'm SOOO happy that our little guy finally p--ped on the potty today!! Mothering is a very earthy thing, not for the squeamish. The little guy turned down ice cream as a treat for a lollipop instead. Wow.


  1. Hooray for the little guy...now a big boy!

  2. Nope, not a big boy. He's a stinker. Did 2 "jobbies" later on throughout the day then outright denies it....