Fire at the gate of the Garden

This is an incomplete draft from a friend. Thought it was worth pondering...

God created Adam; perfect, without blemish
Adam walked with God in the garden.
Adam screwed up, became blemished, imperfect
Adam clothed himself with plants (like a Priest)
God killed an animal (covering Adam's sin with blood)
God clothed him as a king in new flesh
God kicked Adam out
Adam could no longer walk with God in the garden/Holy of Holies
Adam brought animals to the gate of the garden to be cut into pieces and ascend in the fire of the cherubims' swords as a picture of what Jesus would do
The Priests supervised and performed sacrifices, like God, providing clothing/covering for the people
The Levites "replaced" the cherubim, guarding the garden
Now we are priests, entering the Holy of Holies every week
Now we are living sacrifices, clothed/washed by baptism, cut up by the word, set on fire by the Holy Spirit

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