He still invites you

Sermon on Amnon's rape of Tamar - 2 Samuel 13.

It was at the tree, offering food, that Adam and Eve sinned. It was with food that Amnon deceived and violated Tamar. Judas ate Passover with Jesus. Jesus sets a table for us in the presence of our enemies. When we hear of such deep betrayal we must not think, "How could they?" We must think, "That is me - I have betrayed Christ as offensively as Amnon." We are all repulsive traitors against God.

And then, we must turn the corner, and realize, He is still offering you bread and wine. He still wants you to eat with Him. In the cross of Christ, by faith, God loves you no matter what you have done. He still invites you to believe His Gospel promises, cling to His Son, and sit to eat with Him. Receive God’s grace right now, as you receive these outward signs of God’s favor for you.


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