How to read the Bible

Just finished this one - classic Berkhof. A bit on the rationalistic, dry, dusty side, but solid stuff. Written in 1950, I think it is now out of print. It begins with a history of interpretation in Judaism, the early church and middle ages. Then comes a survey of how to view the Bible. Finally, the right way to interpret Scripture: grammatically, historically and theologically.

At first I was a bit turned off by how dismissive Berkhof was of Jewish and medieval interpretations. They were not as bad as he thinks, in my opinion. And toward the end, covering the historical and theological interpretations, he gives back much that he took away earlier, affirming the importance of historical context, and the mystical and typological senses of Scripture.

I'm not sure this book is needed for the general reader of Scripture, unless you are really serious about STUDY of Scripture. But for the aspiring teacher or pastor it is critical reading.

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