Hold fast

Col 2:16-23
One way idolatry arises in our lives is when we invite others to judge us according to some outward standard we know we can pass. See, I eat this, or I don’t drink that, or “look how humble I am when I do this.” Verse 19 of Col 2 says we latch on to these regulations, INSTEAD of holding fast to Christ. We look to behavioral rigor to judge us, or to grow us spiritually, instead of holding fast and looking to Christ, our head, who alone causes growth. We try to establish our own righteousness by regulation, instead of trusting Christ’s righteousness to justify us. In our sin, we get defensive and justify ourselves with excuses, instead of repenting and letting God justify us by Christ’s atonement. Of course, Jesus calls us to right behavior, but we tend to make the behavior the center, instead of Christ. Hold fast to Christ. Know your part, and do it. Then look to Him again.


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