It's not that important

In a nice short piece on figuring out what's important, RC Sproul, Jr has this zinger:

"Conservative talk radio is a virtual propaganda department for the devil, not because what they teach is wrong, but because it isn’t nearly as important as they make it out to be. Talk radio is a mildly more sophisticated soap opera, as we tune in each day to find out what the villain at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. has done this time. And like soap operas, if you tune out for a week or twenty you’ll find the same drama, the same issues are still being addressed with the same hysteria."

It seems the devil's approach when lots of people start latching on to some truth, is to get them to get the priority wrong. Make politics more important than loving your wife or husband or children. Make them think the world will end if the wrong guy is elected. Put your trust in elections and democracy and Republicans, or the Tea Party movement. Or, in the church, take the "right way" to apply Scripture, to nurse babies, court ladies, eat food, or discipline children, and judge people with it so a church is torn apart or defined by such issues. The other way is to shrug when liberals reject plain Scriptural truth like the Trinity, Incarnation or the atonement. I've also come to believe it damages the church to remain silently in a church that okay's homosexual practice or women in the office of elder. We need /more/ church fights over these things, and less fights over politics or methodology questions.

When you discover a new truth, you are in the "cage stage," where because of this getting the priority wrong, you need to be locked up for a while before you're unleashed on the world with it. Don't make major decisions for a year or so, while you assimilate this truth into how you think and interact with the world. Be patient. Don't let your discovery of A be the center of the universe. God has B through Z to teach you, so keep learning in humility.

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