Lotsa good reading today

... in Touchstone magazine, Jan/Feb 2011 issue.

Randall Smith, in "Waiting for God?"
"I think back on those times when I supposed God was 'taking His own sweet time.' For example, all those years I waited for Him to send me a wife - I have to admit in retrospect that an awful lot of that 'waiting for God' was just 'me-not-being-ready.' God was the one who was waiting - patiently.... Perhaps if I had spent more time asking God to make me ready and less time wondering when He was going to 'deliver,' He could have sent my wife along earlier."

Charles Colton, in "Passages of Time."
"It's okay to be agnostic over things about which Scripture is not clear. I have met folks for whom everything is perfectly clear, and uniformly found that they don't seem to be nice people. They are not bad people, just not nice people."

"To read the Hebrew Bible requires that we think like Hebrews think, and not just know Hebrew. It is far better to read from the English with an Oriental mind than to read from the hebrew with a Western mind. We import more of our modern (Western) assumptions into our reading of Scripture than we realize. It is right to build a bridge between the sacred text and ourselves, so long as we're careful to understand that traffic (i.e., meaning) along that bridge moves in but one direction."

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