Unity in the Son, in His Body

Genesis 11:1-9

At Babel, mankind sought unity and strength apart from and against God. God rejected our efforts and scattered us. But at Pentecost He undid the Babel captivity we were in, uniting languages again. He began to bring nations together again, and encouraged unity in the Spirit of Jesus Christ. But so often, we seek unity and strength apart from Christ. We seek it in visions of a family dynasty, we seek it in one nation’s strength. But God isn’t allowing it. Who knows how a son will treat his father’s inheritance? Solomon asks. The nations are a drop in the bucket, Isaiah says. God limits every human effort at dominion not rooted in His Son. This is why federalism was a genius of our founders as they reached back to the Bible. Keep power limited and local, as long as sin reigns in the world.

But God has chosen to build His church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. His church will outlast every nation, every persecution, every passing year. Because the Spirit is within her. The Spirit and the Bride say “Come.” There is the foundation of unity for mankind. In one people, professing the name of Jesus, living for Him, worshiping Him. You won’t find lasting unity at the U.N.  Lobby groups like the NRA or the Republican party offer a fake unity around only a few issues. It is the church that will be completely holy and closely unified with the Triune God. The church is not an optional luxury if we can make it.

So as you begin a new year, tie any resolutions you make to the Lord Jesus. Take them to Him daily, and they won’t fall away so quickly. Consider your church’s role in your sancitification. Don’t take vows frivolously. Do strive for a new obedience. Seek your restoration at the manger, at the foot of the cross, at the empty tomb, and in Christ’s Spirit.


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