Creation Science

I recently attended a couple talks by Ken Ham for elementary and high school students. He was in the area and I thought I would do some reconnaissance.

Creation scientists are doing some great apologetic work. It's too evidence-based for some reformed folks. The concern is that the emphasis on reason and science gives those things too high an authority compared with the revelation of God's Word.

There are times when this is a fair criticism. When creation scientists use science as a tool to prove the Bible true, as if the proof is needed for the Bible to be true. But what is wrong with making a case that it is reasonable to believe in a young earth, for instance? Not that science is our authority or hope, but that the Bible makes sense and isn't absurd, scientifically.

It's when they overstate their case that we get problems. Sometimes straw men are used. They video interview an evolutionist and show him hesitating at a question. "See, they have no answer!" They descend to mockery, and ad hominem arguments. This is fighting dirty and being lazy.

There is a fine line between mocking the secular scientist, and training ourselves and our children to not be intimidated by their assertions.

I've found it helpful to view Creation Scientists more as apologists than as scientists. Some are doing actual scientific work, but most use scientific findings to defend the faith.

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