On the sixth day of Christmas

my True Love gave to me:

Six creation days

The fourth commandment in Exodus 20 builds the Sabbath on the foundation of the first week of creation. Because God took 6 days to work at making the world, and one to rest, we also work for 6 and rest for one. So this is a pattern for us, and it is a gift, indeed. Our human frame needs such regular rhythms, and God built a pattern of worship (Leviticus 23:3) and work into His temporal world.

Not only are the six creation days a pattern for living, they are also a pointer for us to meditate on God's creation work. He could have made it all instantaneously, but He took time. And at the end of the six days (before the seventh, notice!) He sat back, considered His work, and declared it good (Gen 1:31). The first chapter of the Bible; Psalms like 8, 24, 65, and 104; and 1 Timothy 4:4 all call us to wonder and gratitude for the physical creation God has given us. Take time to notice it today.

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