Flood is Over - Sara

The "Flood" sweater is finally finished! I'm pretty excited as this is the first big project I've completed for myself... and I made it a challenge by having to recalculate the pattern to fit a different guage (which involves LOTS of math - not my cup of tea), and it actually fits! This project made me delve into the theory of knitting, removing most of the mystery from this art. Check it out:

The photo doesn't show the chunky cables on the body or sleeves very well. The pattern is "Flood" by Kim Hargreves out of the Rowan Plaid collection book. I used 9 skeins of hand spun and hand dyed Manos del Uruguay yarn (100% wool) that has a fun thick-thin texture. It's soooo warm and comfy! Here's the happy knitter:

(thanks Emily, for your photographic prowess)

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  1. Awesome! I just finished my most recent (and the first to actually turn out!) I'll see about posting a pic...

    Grace and Peace,