Something new for devotions

I finally couldn't stand it anymore. Reading through Isaiah 40-66 always frustrated me, because my Bible reading plan has me reading 3 chapters a day, or so. But there are SO many New Testament allusions I wanted to check out... So I caved. I'm pitching the "plan" for another method. I'm one who gets caught up in staying on schedule. I'm in recovery.

This new method is a revolution.

I have taken an old NIV graduation Bible and decided it will be my OT/NT Bible. Anytime there is a connection (quote or obvious word/meaning/phrase ref.) I highlight the verses in each testament and write in the cross-references to each.

Part of the revolution is actually writing in a Bible - something not kosher for most in my tradition. I'm getting over it quickly; I find myself more immersed while writing on the page.

This has been amazing. I would say there are, on average, between 5-7 references PER CHAPTER, in Isaiah 54-64, to the New Testament. Mostly to Revelation. John sure knew his Isaiah. That's for another time, though.

I'm using a great section in my Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament for most of my references, but also finding some others on my own.

One of the uses of this method pointed out to me (no, this wasn't my own idea - not that smart) is that when reading the OT, you can quickly reference how the NT uses the text, something not many Bible give you in detail, even in cross-references.


  1. Steve...

    I recommend, to my congregation, that if they feel uncomfortable writing in the Bible they should consider a "workbook" Bible. Making it clear, of course, that "workbook" doesn't indicate that the Bible is a work in progress, but that our study of it is.

    For my own sermon prep, I use a large version that's in a binder. It has plenty of margin-room and, since we work the entire books during our evening serice, I can put the book we're working on in a smaller binder to be more transportable.

    I don't how you feel about posting links - so I won't without permission :-) - but if you want, let me know and I'll post a link to it.

    I do almost all my sermon prep. with a manuscript study style of preparation that I learned in college through InterVarsity - it's hands-down better than anything I learned in seminary or since, and includes a LOT of writing in the text.

    Grace and Peace,

  2. I'd be interested in seeing that IVP system sometime, Tim.
    No problem posting links...

  3. The Loose-Leaf Bible (NIV) is available least expensively at:

    I'll see about putting together a sheet on the manuscript system.

    Grace and Peace,