RCA dialogue: year 1 of 3...

How to discuss homosexuality as a Christian denomination?

I agree we need to judge actions, not motives. Very commendable to seek and do this.

I disagree that it's hard to know what Jesus would do here. Just substitute the adulterous woman in John 8:1-12 with a homosexual today, and you've got it. Jesus condemns those condemning homosexuals hypocritically, or to make political points. He writes their names in the dust, thinking of Jeremiah 17:13. They get it, condemn themselves and leave. Then Jesus graciously tells the homosexual that this IS sin and not to do it anymore.

But a question: what do we do once we all understand each other in 2009, and still see homosexuality differently? Insert a conscience clause into the BCO? If we decide to do nothing further than dialogue, we have chosen a theological position, not just decided to all get along.

On mission versus purity: our mission is to spread the truth of God's Word. How can we have a cohesive mission if we don't agree on what the truth of God's Word IS?


  1. Perhaps at the end of three years, the RCA will come to see that it is two very different denominations who share one name. At that point, it might be best everyone for each denomination to go its own way, and bless the other in so doing.

    I don't know.

  2. The problem with this, which is evident in the founding of the OPC, and the PCA, is that you really have more than 2 factions. This is true even in the Confessing church (PCUSA). Right now, you are united by a common "enemy," but it will soon become apparent, if such a schism were to happen, that even more painful splits would follow as the evangelicals discovered their differences.

    Plus, you have people all along the spectrum, from the far left, to evangelicals who are loyal to those farther left than they themselves are, to those who want to stay and "be a witness" to those that remain. YOu can see why splits get so nasty so fast.

    History has a strange way of repeating itself.