Longings for an era gone by...

We're still buried in snow. And after 2 hours in a photo studio getting the Christmas family pictures taken last night then driving home in a snow storm, I needed to dig up some photos to remember happier times gone by. Remember the color of grass and unclouded skies....

Owen is breaking our house rule about shooting someone else who is unarmed. The damsel in distress was saved by Mom, who was armed with the garden hose. All things are fair in love and war! Raising small children is an art form akin to war.


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  1. Hey Steve,

    Go South, young man! Why do you think FL is the fastest-growing state, despite the hurricanes?

    Until recently, we were pursuing a ministry opportunity in W. Mi, but are more than happy to be in VA, where at least we don't have 10" on the ground!