Republicans - bad

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Problem - my Congressman's office says they're going to send a written response to my home address. While there is a box to check asking if you want a reply, I figured they would save a stamp if I emailed, by emailing back. Maybe not "secure" enough.

Anyway, that's not the only item on the "evil Republican" front today. Here's the other one:

"While the Republicans captured the House of Representatives in 1994 following a popular backlash against perceived corruption in the Democratic party, the party’s conservative critics say it has now fallen prey to the same Washington culture. A group of more than 100 members organised as the Republican Study Committee is hoping to use the leadership race to rein in what they see as runaway government spending championed by Mr DeLay and his allies.

"At the top of the conservative reform agenda is an end to the practice of earmarking, in which members can secretly insert into huge spending bills billions of dollars in projects for favoured companies or other constituents – many of whom in turn donate to the lawmakers’ re-election funds. While the practice is not new, it has mushroomed since Republicans captured Congress. Last year 15,000 earmarks were added into various spending bills."

It's like a cop going undercover to bust prostitutes and instead giving them your business...

This is the weakness of the 2 party system. People like me (usually more conservative than mainstream Republicans) have no avenue to hold these guys accountable to what they promised. They know I'm not going Democrat, and there is no viable more-conservative option. Is there?

Of course, to be more optimistic, perhaps the accountability is happening right under my nose: DeLay's ouster and this new coalition. Bravo and success to them...


  1. I feel your pain:( Constitution Party possibly? But is it a viable party? Not really sure. Tough one to be sure of for sure:)

  2. Personally, I don't concern myself with viability as much as with constitutionality. When it comes to the basic principles of government there's little or no difference between the Republican and Democratic parties. They're both headed in the same direction. The Republicans are just yelling at the Democrats to slow down a little.

    I heard a lecture by George Grant a couple years ago where he demonstrated that our government had capitulated to the communist principles of government years ago. If you read the Communist Manifesto, you'll find ten major points. Every single one of them has been accomplished to some degree in our country. If Karl Marx were alive today, he would consider us an ally. :(

    IMHO, the Constitution Party is the only reasonable option for people who want to halt the slow degeneration of our nation's government.

    When the State refuses to be bound by its Constitution and denies any connection to God, then the only thing left is the deification of the State.

  3. I expected a Constitution party "vote" to come out of the wood work here!...

  4. But, of course! :-)