Saxon Braid Scarf DONE

The saxon braid scarf is finally complete! It is a lovely off white and measures in at 6"x62" plus fringe. This is a detail of the cable pattern I used from the Samus cardigan on knitty.com. No digital camera means no swank shots of my scarf.

While Celtic knots are supposed to be perfect in every crossing, my background which is not Celtic and full of original sin has made my scarf a bit more, uh, unique. Not noticeable from a prancy pony, however. I think there's only one or two crossings that went the wrong way, but perhaps the Book of Kells or the Lindesfarne Gospels have some errors yet to be discovered as well....

This pattern was a cable party - multiple crossings on nearly every row, some up to seven back to back! I don't like the U-shaped cable needles very much and prefer my own homemade shish-ka-bob skewer sharpened on both ends in the pencil sharpener. Get out the rough spots with an emery board, and voila! You've just saved a couple bucks! I should've learned how to do cables without a cable needle, but never seemed motivated enough to learn that one yet.

With this done, there is only one project left on the needles - the Shetland Tea Shawl. I'm about 80% done with the main part, and the edging after that. Here's the photo from the "Gathering of Lace" book:

I hope to finish it this month (started in September!). But that might not happen as I've started up another graphic design job from home doing a fun logo.

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  1. Sara,

    The cable design is beautiful, and the tea shawl looks like it's going to be incredible.