Communion Exhortation - 11/2/08

We have just broken the bread, picturing Christ’s body pierced in His head, His hands and feet and His side. Blood flowed from His head and hands and feet. But from His side, came blood and water, by which we are to be born again. From Adam’s side came His bride, Eve; from Christ’s side came His bride, the Church. So here we are, united to Christ. We are to accept the fruit of His sacrifice, our very lives, and give it back to the Bridegroom, multiplied and beautified, like any bride does in her house. But the wedding has not yet taken place. We are betrothed to Christ, and re-affirm it every time we commune here. The house is being put in order. The bride is making herself ready. You are accepted by God, by Christ’s work on the cross. May your justification lead to joyful communion, and to faithful work for Him. Eat, drink, see the good in Christ’s labor, and be satisfied in Him.

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