Dining Set Refinishing Project

This project is getting closer to completion. It's been 5 months since the water leak at Christmas damaged our table and chairs, and I think it's high time this was wrapped up! We'd like to be able to have guests over again!! Here are some photos of the work in progress from this past week.


Chair primed and sanded, ready for first coat of paint.

table base ready for last clear coat (the neighbor decided to mow his yard right after I painted this! I was so worried about bits of grass sticking in the wet paint!)

Last chair to be painted - ran out of paint!! Grrr.

If the weather cooperates, this week I'll be finishing that last chair and staining the table top. If I ever sand another turned chair leg it'll be too soon. I tried to get the kids to help sand, but they wimped out on me when they realized it wasn't as easy as it looked (one stuck around longer hoping good works would relieve him of his schoolwork responsibilities. Sorry bud, math is sanctifying)

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