Courtship - criteria

Criteria for courtship. A suitor needs to be
1 a Christian
2 a likeminded Christian (education, baptism, doctrine, etc.)
3 financially stable.
The groom paid the OT bride price to the bride or her family, to demonstrate the financial security he could give his bride - Deut 22:28-29. Biblical cultures give women financial security when entering marriage.
4 attractive to the girl, and the girl to the suitor!
Also, consider if intellectual and cultural backgrounds, as well as vocational pursuits, are compatible. Does she know he wants to be a pilot out in the bush?

Women shouldn't sit still and wait for a man, but be productive. This means a man when he comes along will interrupt her life, and that is fine, if she is really seeking marriage, as she should be.

Sometimes it seems there are only two options: meek and emasculated Christian young men, or confident and assertive immature Christians or non-Christians. Women are tempted to settle for less spiritually to have what looks like strength and leadership.

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