May is for Tulips

We missed yet another Tulip Time festival in Holland, MI this year. Thousands of tulips were celebrated with parades, dancing in wooden shoes, and junk food. My friend Val documented it here with her vibrant photos. You thought I was crazy for walking to the mailbox each day in my clogs, the Holland HS band marches 5 miles in wooden shoes while playing "Tiptoe through the tulips" - not only do they march, but they do a little dance while playing!

A kids dutch dance was added this year. My niece was one of the many children who learned a dance and song in Dutch and performed for the tourists. All those costumes are inspected and have to meet strict standards! Parades start with costumed folks participating in street scrubbing - actually tossing water on the roads and scrubbing them with brooms! Well of course you can't host guests from all over the world without making sure everying is sparkly Dutch clean! Perhaps next year we will make it to see the tulips and wooden shoes and windmill.

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