A Fly in the Halls of Thomas Nelson

Responding to the David Barton-Thomas Nelson controversy, Doug Phillips suggests there's dirty work afoot.

Why does something else (secular pressure, evil motives or a conspiracy) have to be going on, besides a publisher retracting a history book it deems historically inaccurate?

Phillips asks why Thos. Nelson doesn’t just fix the mistakes and reissue the book. The simple answer is that Barton is asserting inaccuracies, and (as I understand it) sticking by them when called on it by the historical, academic - Christian, not liberal revisionist - community. Thomas Nelson would be thoroughly discredited to keep in print a book that asserts known inaccuracies.

I share Doug Phillips’ concern about Thomas Nelson’s decisions following buyout by a secular company. But there’s no reason to connect that to the Barton case, when the Christian community (mainly World magazine) is applying all the pressure, “policing its own,” so to speak.

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