Remember the Signs

An exhortation for the children especially from these two proverbs, these 4 lines: first line: my son, do not forget my law. God teaches us, kids, where we most need it. We easily forget our duties. Your parents give you a task and you find something fun to do on the way and forget all about it. Part of growing is learning what things to call to mind regularly. In the Silver Chair, Aslan warned Jill to remember the signs, but she still forgot. Second line: let your heart keep my commands. It is very easy when given rules or jobs we don’t like, to obey on the outside, but grump and resist inside. Pouting and sulking while you clean your room is not really obeying from the heart, and that is what God looks at. You may have a perfect room, neat school papers, but a horrible mess of sin in your heart. A girl was told to sit in her chair when she wanted to stand. She sighed, sat down, and said, “I’m sitting on the outside, but I’m standing inside.” Children, pay attention to your heart and make sure you are doing the right thing on the inside.
Third line: long life and peace they will bring. You may think now, kids, that a long life is as natural as the sun coming up every day. No, great blessings come with remembering and obeying God’s laws. Remember in the Silver Chair how much harder things went, when Jill forgot the signs.

To all those who grieve and repent of their sins, striving for a new obedience, I declare as a minister of the Gospel the total forgiveness of all your sins, for Jesus has paid for them all on the cross. We know His account had sufficient funds, and His check cleared the bank, b/c we have heard of the resurrection of Jesus to new life. So in the power of that new life, your sins are forgiven through Christ.


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