Trust the foundation

Proverbs 3:5-6

    Trust in the LORD with all your heart, 
          And lean not on your own understanding; 
    6      In all your ways acknowledge Him, 
          And He shall direct your paths. 

Trust God with all your heart. Jesus mildly chastises His disciples for having such little faith, but He helps them. We cannot attain perfection this side of eternity. As Sproul is fond of saying, no one other than Jesus has ever loved God with all his heart for 5 minutes. The same is true of trusting God with all your heart. Sin wants to hold something back, to save a couple habits where we ignore and betray God, to trust self when we get down to the core, to lean on our own understanding. We want to use Bible verses as decoration instead of foundation. This famous proverb calls us to acknowledge God’s presence, love and rule every moment of our lives, in all our ways. Then we will reverence His name and never take it in vain.


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