Review: Two Williams

Two Williams
Two Williams by Douglas Wilson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Solid historical fiction treatment of revolutionary war.
The first chapter takes place in a Jamestown loyalist tavern, and in a few short clear paragraphs, he gives the argument for why fighting against the crown was legitimate. Wilson also considers the two contradictory sorts of revolution sought on the same American side. I especially liked the argument that one need not be either a hothead extremist or a compromiser. A well-thought through position leads to confident fighting on your side, but also realizing there are honorable opponents. Many politically engaged people today need to learn this lesson.

Besides this great history lesson, it is a descriptive portrayal of military action on land and sea, and a primer on how to fight honorably, treat a lady, and choose your loyalties. Covers a lot in 120 small pages.

There is some violence. A lot of military action happens and twice it gets specific and gruesome, but only briefly. Probably best for 10-12 years old and up, given that and the issues covered above.

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