Here is some commentary fun, from studying the Ten Commandments. Each writer has his own style that annoys or endears.
This is meant as light hearted fun, exaggerating their style and/or content for comedic effect. No offense is intended to any of these men, who far surpass me in wisdom.

Charles Hodge - the principle is evident, even from the conscience and natural reason.

Thomas Watson - the commandment has eight parts and six uses...

Rushdoony - this commandment shows the evils of the over-reaching state, and why the government should not be involved in education. A return to Biblical Law is the answer to our problems.

a Brakel - we see this commandment violated in 1 Sam 16:1; 2 Kings 3:5; Ecc 5:3; Deut 25:24, enjoined in Deut 25:24....

Herman Hoeksema - THERE IS NO COMMON GRACE!!!!

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