Joshua 18-21

Text summary and highlights
Chapter 18
1-2 - tabernacle set up at Shiloh. Seven tribes still to get land.
3-10 - exhortation to survey the land; it is done.
rest of 18 - Benjamin's inheritance

Chatper 19
1-9 - Simeon takes part of Judah's land, since it is more land than they can manage
10-16 - Zebulun
17-23 - Isaachar
24-31 - Asher
32-39 - Naphtali
40-48 - Dan
49-50 - Joshua is neighbors with Caleb in Ephraim
51 - the door of the tabernacle is a civic center, like our courthouses having property deeds.

Chapter 20 - 6 cities of refuge designated, obeying Numbers 35, to keep accused murderers safe until trial. These are all Levite cities (see chpt. 21). The Levites served as judges, as well as teachers of the Law.

Chatper 21 - cities for the Levites
1-42 - 48 cities given to the Levites
43-45 - recap and summary: God kept His promise to give Israel the land

Receive what God offers you: rest and provision in Christ.  Land, a mind, hands, skills, to steward and multiply for Him.

Levites are scattered throughout Israel, not all in one place. We need teaching and justice close by.
Justice must proceed from the law of God. Teachers of law and right should be involved in judging rightly by the law.

Jesus is our city of refuge: accessible protection from the avenger - Heb 6:17-18.  On the other hand, Jesus is a greater refuge. The cities only protected the innocent; Christ justifies the guilty. And He is closer than a city!

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