Serve the Suffering Surrenderer

Jesus had a warrant out for his arrest, much of the last week of his earthly ministry. The cowards led by caiaphas eventually use judas to arrest him at night, apart from the crowds who loved him. Peter figures this is the moment, when Jesus will restore the kingdom from these compromisers.

But the real battle happened while Peter was sleeping in Gethsemane, when Jesus overcame the temptation to set aside His Fathers will. Jesus COULD get enough legions to defeat Rome, but how would that accomplish his mission? Kingdom transformation is the big picture goal the gospel, but service and sacrifice, crosses and losses come first. Peter and the people are ready to lay down their lives fighting for Jesus. But once they realize Jesus is going to let Himself be arrested, they flee. 

We would rather fight and die, than serve and sacrifice for a suffering surrenderer.  But this is your life. Most of the time, you are called not to a sensational down in flames sacrifice that wows everyone. You are called to the quiet service that few notice. The service that doesn't feel at all like victory. We die to our desires, daily.

4/1/12 - Palm Sunday

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