What the Church I Pastor is All About

1. We are a Christian church, evangelical in faith, seeking to make and to be disciples of Jesus Christ
a. We believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, revealing our creation, fall, redemption and restoration. (See Chicago Statement)
b. Scripture’s teachings are best summarized in the creeds of the historic Church: the Apostles’ & Nicene Creeds

2. We are a Reformed church, covenantal in theology and practice
a. We interpret the Bible the way the Reformers of the 16th century did, especially as laid out in their confessions and catechisms (Westminster, Heidelberg, etc.). We teach and practice paedo-baptism and paedo–communion.

3. We are a family-affirming church, reinforcing Biblical family authority
            a. We worship together as families, without age-segregated programs or Sunday Schools
            b. We affirm Biblical roles of manhood and womanhood (see Danvers statement)

4. We are a liturgical church, with a participatory worship service and weekly Communion

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