A Right to Love?

YouTube has a rainbow heart at the top today: celebrating LGBT pride.

Everyone has the right to love and be loved, they say.

That allows bestiality, polygamy, incest, and more.

And what about the bachelor heterosexual who wants to be married but cannot find a love, or it is unrequited? How will society legally or culturally grant them their rights?

This is insane.

See a recent Touchstone article here for more. Highlight:

"Whether he [the homosexual] presents himself as an object of love or indignation, what he demands in either case is acceptance not of the person, but of the sin-bound and sin-defined person. He demands the declaration of spiritual authority that there is nothing objectively disordered about this binding of man to sin, and assurance that this monstrous amalgam can indeed enter the kingdom of heaven. This can never happen among Christians until they abandon Christianity, which is at war with every sin..."

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