Eating in Front of Enemies

Psalm 23 - God prepares a table for us in the presence of our enemies

Lead by example, when you are in a time of conflict or anxiety. I’ve seen this done well several times. When my stomach is all tied in knots, someone tells a joke and a belly laugh later I realize there is more to life than my emergency problem. That God has it covered, even if I can’t get a handle on it yet.

There is a peace that passes understanding. And it guards your heart. Not the other way around. It isn’t that you have enough smarts or courage to have peace. It’s that God’s peace supports your heart. So take food and take heart. Christ has provided his church with bread and wine to remove our anxiety and encourage our hearts each week. One thing God means for this worship service to do for you is to remove any unhealthy anxiety you have built up over the week. Take food and trust the Lord.


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