On Not Defining Ourselves

We often think that what sets us apart is our homeschooling, or our deeper more deliberate obedience, or unique opinions on issues. It is not so. What sets us apart is God’s choice to grant us repentance and faith in His Son. Paul preaches faith in Jesus to Felix and Drusilla. Self-control and our other virtues are involved in that, but it starts with faith. Without faith it is impossible to please God. This table is designed to draw the line in the right place. It is an outward sign of what sets us apart. It is not about what we do, but about where we go for help. Those who know their need come to the Lord’s Table in a Christian church to eat. We only know we are starving for sustenance by God’s grace. We trust God’s cure, we are only willing to receive Christ by faith. And that is how we are to eat the bread and wine. With faith firmly rooted in Him.


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