Bringing Ourselves up Short

As always, we pause early in our worship service to acknowledge our sins to God. It is far more important to do this, to interrupt ourselves in praising God for a moment, than to gain some kind of emotional momentum with a continued series of songs. 

This is probably a significant difference in our worship experience compared to other churches. We aren’t stoics who deny emotion. But we don’t want to be carried away by our feelings, either. Some believers chase that feeling, that ecstasy. We are glad when God gives us happiness and emotional joy. But we seek its source more than the feeling or the musical vehicle that produces the feeling. 

The source of joy is confessing our sin. Blessed is the one whose sin is forgiven. Our bones grow old when we keep silent, when we don’t confess, when we hang on to sin. It is a blessed relief to confess sin honestly to God, and to be forgiven. Come receive that blessing now.


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