Review: Abortion: A Rational Look At An Emotional Issue

Abortion: A Rational Look At An Emotional Issue
Abortion: A Rational Look At An Emotional Issue by R.C. Sproul

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Sproul calmly and persuasively argues for the pro-life position.

The strength of this book is that he does not preach to the choir, but assumes his audience is either on the fence or pro-choice. Sproul first sets forth his position, delving into issues of law, when life begins. He then answers the pro-choice arguments: a woman's right to her body, dangerous black-market abortions, inconsistency with capital punishment.

The take I appreciated most was the critique of the middle-ground position, that if I'm not sure abortion is morally right or wrong, then I default to let a woman choose. The change to this position from the default of life was made in the 1970s, both before and after Roe v. Wade. Sproul answers this ably, and calls on us to speak with those we know on the fence.

One of the failings of the church has been to only preach to the choir. We just get angry at people who are really unsure about this issue. We have little patience with them. So how can we possibly persuade them?

But Sproul gives us Biblical, sound and useful arguments to bring to friends, congressmen, etc.

He also includes a chapter gracefully asserting that abortion is not the unforgivable sin. Guilt is real and can be an overwhelming feeling, but it can be removed in God's sight.

There is a long and interesting appendix about whether frozen embryos are alive, or should be treated as persons.

This is must reading for pastors and pregnancy center volunteers, and anyone who finds they have pro-choice friends open to talking about it.

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