Review: Shadrach

Shadrach by Meindert DeJong

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Meindert DeYoung is excellent reading for read aloud to children or the 8-13 age range. Fine for adults, too!

A Dutch Reformed author from 50 years ago, his worldview is Gospel centered, and leans away from the "too strict" camp.

In Shadrach, a father promises his little boy a pet rabbit. The whole book is an exploration of the boy's hopes and fears in expecting the rabbit. It is a well done look at how expectations can be shattered, diminished or adjusted by others or by events.

DeYoung really captures the way children think well, and guides them (and their parents!) in a good direction as far as handling disappointment, honoring and keeping promises, avoiding deception and the idolatry of overly desiring something.

The part about father and son missing church ("let the preacher preach") was delightful.

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