East Asia allies doubt U.S. could win war with China

Officials from Australia, South Korea and Japan have been telling us for months that we would "lose any war with China."

Much of the story comes from Tokyo's governor. Three reasons were given:

1. We respect human life - they don't. "[USA] has a civic society that must adhere to the value of respecting lives." Implying China does not, proven by their brutal one-child policy. This is the same issue we are facing with terrorists.

2. There's just too many of them! What do you do when millions of soldiers come at you?

3. They judge partly on how Iraq is going. Is this legit? I think so. Some might be tempted to think it's completely different because of the insurgents who hate America so. Well, don't you think the same would be true in China? Does the "why do they hate us?" line only apply to terrorists, and not to dyed-in-the-wool Chinese Communists, who are cozying up to us economically? I see no reason for this naivete: "China must like us; we've got this great economy they're feeding off of." Please. Same nonsense we thought about the middle east before 9-11.

Objection:Given economic influence, won't China evolve into a stable democracy with free elections? The Tokyo governor: "I believe such predictions are totally wrong." He advocates economic containment, instead. I wonder if he isn't right. Why would we want to feed this Communist beast? I suppose it makes sense to avoid another Cold War, and actually have relations with our enemies. But we need to remember they are enemies. They brutally suppress - with arrest, torture, and death - Christians who speak against Communism. They wouldn't release our soldiers when they were downed.

The biggest obstacle to remembering the hostile nature of China appears to be American businessmen in an economy that will do anything to cut costs. It seems China is gaining all of our technology as we bring it there, and we're just getting cheap labor in return. No wonder they're catching up with us economically and militarily. To save a few bucks back at home, we give away the store in Beijing. For this to make sense, we have to assume they're a benign non-entity. Then we justify it by naively pleading that they'll become like us through trade.

Meanwhile, Japan and other Asian allies are starting to beef up their OWN militaries, no longer comfortable relying on the good ol' US of A...

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