Karl Rove and the peace of the Church

"I implore Euodia and I implore Syntyche to be of the same mind in the Lord." Philippians 4:2.

Amazing story about Karl Rove and his political enemies attending the same church. What a disgrace. I don't claim to know who's at fault between these two, but where is the church? Where is Matthew 18:15ff?

John Chrysostom, the 4th century preacher puts it well:
"As it is not to be imagined that the fornicator and the blasphemer can partake of the sacred Table, so it is impossible that he who has an enemy, and bears malice, can enjoy the holy Communion.… I forewarn, and testify, and proclaim this with a voice that all may hear! "Let no one who hath an enemy draw near the sacred Table, or receive the Lord's Body! Let no one who draws near have an enemy! Do you have an enemy? Draw not near! Do you wish to draw near? Be reconciled, and then draw near, and touch the Holy Thing!" .... We are commanded to have only one enemy, the devil. With him never be reconciled! But with a brother, never be at enmity in thy heart." (Homily 20)

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  1. Fascinating story, Steve.

    I am amazed that both men even attend a church! Then again it is Episcopal... ;) I once read that being an Anglican was wonderful, as it never affected one's politics or religion.