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Great quote by John Frame, found here:

"[In the Reformed world today,] the assumption seems to be that any difference of opinion amounts to a test of fellowship, that any truth I possess gives me the right to disrupt the peace of the church until everybody comes to agree with me. But surely there are some disagreements that are not tests of orthodoxy, some differences that should be tolerated within the church."


  1. So True!

    If only the "Reformed world" were willing to live that way, instead of splitting off into little like-minded sects everytime such tolerance were necessary.

    I often wonder what the Reformed world would be like if we weren't so schizmatic.

    Grace and Peace,

  2. Although I can see places where that is the case, my experience in the RCA is the exact opposite, that is people will not even admit that there are things in the RCA that are not remotely Christian, much less reformed.

  3. It takes a great deal of wisdom knowing what to tolerate and what not to tolerate.

    Tolerate, by the way, means, 'who can we fellowship with?', not 'who can I "get along" with?'.

    My conclusion, on issues I've run into:

    We may not tolerate those who want to say homosexual practice is morally acceptable, or those who otherwise remake what the Bible says because of the times we live in.

    We MUST tolerate those who interpret differently what's going on in the sacraments, those who use different methods to educate their children in a Christian manner, those who worship God with reverence in different ways, and those who use their Christian liberty in different ways.

  4. I agree on all those points you made in your reply Steve.