Nouth... what?

"The pastor who is nouthetically oriented will tend to become lovingly frank with his people.... he will not mince words or spar around with people. Rather, he will be specific about personal problems and straightforwardly attempt to correct them. His people will discover that he is interested in the real issues, not secondary ones. They will count him to be a man of courage. Because he will not settle for the status quo, some people will be offended, but the majority will be helped greatly and nearly all (whether they agree with him or not) will respect him.... The conservative ministry desperately needs a nouthetic orientation."

Nouthetic? You'll have to read the book...


  1. I am, in between my other duties and sermon preparation. So it's been slow going. But I'm enjoying it immensely and learning. You can't ask for much more than that. :-)

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