Latest purchase - 15 feet of history

This "book" is a fold-out chart, 15 feet long, produced in the 1890's. It follows Bishop Ussher's timeline, beginning with 4004BC, has Biblical events at the top, and then, beginning with Babel, charts civilizations beneath, so it is easy to compare and see what was going on when. Excellent resource.

I got it at Barnes & Nobles, and was surprised they sold it, but then saw they added a little blurb about the "real" age of the earth, being 4.6 billion years, blah blah blah...


  1. do you know if that's the one that rob shearer from greenleaf press was showing at the mid-winter conference? (were you at that session?)

  2. I don't know for sure, but I think it is the same one.

  3. I've looked at it several times...I suppose I should break down and buy it huh?! :-)

    FYI, there's a Bible Timeline out too...it's pretty good.

    Grace and Peace,