What is Communion all about?

My friends posted this quiz at their blogs.

Eucharist, by the way, is Greek for thanksgiving. It is a term for the Lord's Supper used most by Anglicans and Lutherans.

You scored as Calvin. You are John Calvin. You have a Nestorian Christology and separate the Divinity and Humanity of Jesus. You believe only those who have faith are united to Christ, who is present spiritually, yet you call this "Real."











Eucharistic theology
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I also had to laugh at how Calvin is interpreted by the obviously Lutheran author of this quiz. "Nestorian" always comes up, which means us Calvinists separate the divinity and humanity. This must be true, since Jesus' body is in heaven, and not in the bread/wine, those pesky Lutherans say. But then, Lutherans must also separate our Lord's two natures, since they confine His humanity's presence to being around the bread/wine, and not everywhere else - Jesus' divinity is everywhere else, isn't it?

And "you call this [presence of Jesus] 'real.'" Putting it in quotes, spurning the idea that the spiritual presence of Jesus in Communion is real. So something that is not physical but only spiritual isn't as real? Like the Holy Spirit? Is the Spirit less real than the Son? There is a real difference between Zwingli and Calvin here, even if Lutherans refuse to see it.

I wonder what I said to make me more Zwinglian than Lutheran. I'd hope for a balance between the two. The sacrament is more than a mere symbol/picture, but does not involve the physical body of Jesus.

I also note that, for being one who tends to like the Federal Vision people, I am only 6% "on the road to Rome," as their critics like to say.

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  1. 6% is more than enough to get you anathematized in some circles. ;-)