Ten Commandments in Rhyme

I found these rhyming ten commandments I penned a few years back while packing boxes. My intention was to create a simple version that would be easy for preschoolers to memorize.

I am the Lord your God; "have no other gods but me."
Don't worship idols - nothing in the earth, sky or sea.
Love God when you say His name; remember it's the best.
Six days a week we may work but Sundays we must rest.
Love and obey your father and mother.
It's wrong to hate and hurt each other.
Love your husband or wife and keep your heart clean.
To take without asking is stealing and mean.
Keep your tongue from evil and don't tell lies
Give thanks for what you have - avoid greedy eyes.


  1. What's up you crazy kids?! I just thought I'd randomly stop by and say hello after a couple years of silence. Ok, the ball's in your court. Keep on truckin'.


  2. I really like it, Sara! It would make a great wall hanging...(I'm into that!)
    Praying for your family during this crazy/exciting time.

  3. Grandma wants families to learn about the 10 C's. She has more materials for you at: