What's at the end of the road?

Getting ready to move to VA has gotten the ol' grey matter fired up a bit, leaving me with some questions....

1. Is there some biological phenomenon which prevents ragweed from growing there? I'd be a much happier girl.

2. What's the person-to-cow ratio? McD's hamburgers don't count.

3. How much snow has to fall to shut down schools/businesses/etc.?

4. Will I be dreaming of a white Christmas?

5. How easy are honey crisp apples to find?

Talking about the rain that Ernesto has brought to the coast has peaked our interest in hurricanes. Our 3 yr. old son overheard our conversation and wisely suggested that we better remember to pack our umbrellas.


  1. Hello Hemmekes!
    1. Ragweed is found all over the United States...including VA, sorry! Though, we will bring you an abundance of tissues and watch your kiddies when you have an allergy headache.
    2. The people to Milk cow ratio is 60:1...you are coming to the city, though darlin' and you're more likely to see fighter jets.
    3.There has to be atleast a 60% forecast of snow to shut down schools and business... If there is actual snow on the ground, they call out the National Guard! :)
    4.YES, but not experiencing one... once in a while, yes, but snow doesn't usually come until after Christmas, and it rarely is enough to make a snow person...snow frogs, yes.
    5.Not that we can find, but check our the Stayman apple, it sounds wonderful! http://www.virginiaapples.org/varieties/stayman.html
    That site has pick your own places and it would be great to go...a few of us can and they sound like they would make a wonderful applesauce.

    The younger children and I took a walk last week and the F-22s from Langley AFB were zooming overhead and I thought..."The Hemmekes are going to have to get used to the Sound of Freedom!"
    On the lower Peninsula...EVERYONE is in the flyzone!
    These questions were answered by the entire Doskey Family.
    Love you all, can't wait to show it!

  2. On number 2...I meant to say that in 2001 the people to MILK cows ratio was 60:1.

  3. You guys are truly a delight.