We've Arrived!

We moved into our new home in Yorktown, VA today. The trip went better than expected, and there were so many helping hands ready to unload boxes waiting for our arrival. Thanks so much to all who helped us - from selecting/renting a home, getting it cleaned up and ready, carrying in boxes and boxes and boxes.... and they didn't stop there! We enjoyed a great dinner with everyone after about a hundred boxes were opened and unpacked! The prayers from so many people have been answered and felt by us during this entire process.

We ask for continued prayers from our friends and family:
- for a quick unpacking process (no more boxes!)
- Owen and Isaiah to get used to sharing a bed
- re-established routines/return to normalcy
- adjustment for all 6 of us to a new area/community

Thanks again to everyone in Michigan and Virginia who helped us to get here!


  1. I am happy to hear you arrived safe. Have fun settling in.

  2. Glad to hear the trip went well! Hey, I better give you my e-mail address so I don't miss out on any more e-mails! You must have sent the last one to my old address. Sorry! peggy.kvo@charterinternet.com