God-glorifying Music at the Library

So we got to the library yesterday and today. Only 5 minutes away, like in our last town, we found a great selection again of children's books and classical music at our disposal.

In the first category we found this gem, which really got Owen goin' (rhymes nicely, eh?) A classic fairy tale, with lots of Gospel symbolism if you think about it. For a guy who listens to these guys, that's not hard to find. I even reminded the kids of Adam's disobedience in the Garden based on the plot of a PD Eastman children's book, "A Fish out of Water." Anyway...

In the classical music category, I decided to just go through alphabetically what I found interesting, so found myself starting with some of JS Bach's English Suites: asdf

There was a great line of Bach's in the booklet that came with it that started me doing this post. "The ultimate end and aim of thoroughbass [composition] should only be the glorification of God and the recreation of the mind. Where these are not kept in view, there can be no real music - only infernal jingling and bellowing."

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  1. I recognize that book! It has been a favorite library find, here too!
    Glad that you are getting assimilated.